Wow what an experience. I’ve attended other sound baths over time but non as vibrational as this. Knowledgeable with a little history. Then I was gone at the initial meditation. Working in Mental Health crisis & substance use recovery I don’t get much time nor the energy at times to de compress and re group so my mental health suffers too. However, I’m whispering this as I need my fix and if I shout too loud then I may not get a spot but I am shouting praises as this group is so friendly and supportive and then the sound bath was like me chucking out the trash to then be greeted back in my comfy place with a warm loving hug. I still get goosebumps thinking about this. I’m a therapist but rarely do we manage to get therapy as we’re usually taking the group. Fabulous me time and already booked for the next event. 
Thank you for allowing me to switch off tune in decompress regroup and heal 💜
Marie Ross